The school is driven to make culinary arts education available and affordable to inspire those with a desire to take part in the world of Food and Beverages, but is hampered to do so due to the very prohibitive costs of such an education. Our Basic Culinary Arts program is a very affordable with light payment schemes (still the most affordable in the region).

TeamSkills staff are comprised of young, energetic & innovative culinary arts graduates and practicing chefs that has experience in the food and beverage industry as chefs and educators both here and abroad.

Most students of TeamSkills has gone on to working in various linkages hotels, resorts and restaurant in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao initially as interns but later on were absorbed as full time kitchen staff such as Marco Polo, Radisson Blu, Waterfront, Shangri-la Hotel and Resort, Imperial Palace to name a few.

Today, Teamskills School for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management opened its doors to individuals that desire to kick-start a career in the Food and Beverage Industry either as commis’ (station cooks) and chef de parties. Teamskills provides a solid foundation in culinary arts through its localized method of delivery of learning modules without sacrificing the essential, yet still allowing each student to explore his or her own creativity and uniqueness in the field and dedicated in providing the best possible learning experience that will not break your budget.

Our Top-Rated COURSES

The following are considered to be among the top courses OF TEAMSKILLS, the tuition costs, and the career monetary rewards.

Basic Culinary Arts

Barista 101

Advanced Culinary Arts

Trainers Methodology Level 1 (TM1)

Bread and Pastry Arts

Bookkeeping NC III

Events Management

Tourism Promotion Services

Bartending NC II